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QUALS Packages

Kilduff Underground Engineering specializes in tunnels, underground design, and construction management throughout North America. Serving as both a design and construction firm, our strengths lie in our ability to be equally familiar with design and construction aspects of underground projects. 


Large Diameter Tunnels

KUE has extensive experience constructing various means and methods of tunnel excavation and support systems. For Tunnel Design, KUE has substantial experience in ground characterization and predicting ground behavior with the performance of proposed tunneling methodologies in mind. The firm has designed tunnel support systems utilizing rock bolts, shotcrete, steel sets and cast-in-place concrete linings.

Large Tunnel Quals

Support of Excavation

KUE specializes in the design and construction of deep excavations, construction shafts and earth retaining systems to facilitate tunnel installations as well as excavation support systems for open cut utilities, building foundations and slope retention. We offer unique support solutions such as jet grouting, secant piles and braced excavations that have proven to provide substantial cost savings to the contractor in the field.

SOE Quals

Trenchless Technologies

KUE’s senior members bring over 80 years of combined experience in Trenchless Design and Construction and are

supported by a strong technical staff. The firm has been involved in designing over 200 Trenchless Projects since 2014 utilizing auger boring, microtunneling, HDD, hand-tunneling and pipe ramming methodologies.

Trenchless Quals

Claims Support

KUE has routinely been involved with claims evaluations over the past decade involving consultation, report preparation and negotiation prior to settlement. Other cases require numerous mediations, arbitrations, dispute review boards and litigations with KUE being thoroughly  familiar with the process of legal preparation. Our in-depth knowledge of geotechnics and contractor means and methods can provide strong expert support and our understanding of the sensitivity of the claims process and how to best position a case in preparation for litigation is integral to success.

Claims Quals

Instrumentation & Monitoring

Senior staff of KUE have nearly 50 years’ combined experience with the planning, installation, implementation, interpretation

and reporting on instrumentation and performance monitoring programs for underground projects. The firm is familiar with the installation of various types of instruments including observation wells, vibrating wire piezometers, inclinometers, extensometers, convergence, geophone vibration sensors and survey prisms measured by traditional surveying methods and/or with an automated mechanical total station (AMTS). KUE is capable of providing a turnkey service from design to implementation for geotechnical instrumentation programs.

Instrumentation Quals

Dewatering Design

KUE has more than 20 years’ experience with the planning, design and implementation of dewatering systems for underground projects. On the design side, the firm has performed geotechnical investigations for site characterization including hydrogeological evaluations for dewatering purposes. KUE has designed dewatering systems for shafts, tunnels, cut and cover pipelines, and deep excavations. On the construction side, KUE has worked with reputable dewatering contractors, helped facilitate dewatering system installations and overseen the construction, maintenance and decommissioning of various dewatering systems.

Dewatering Quals